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A Long History of Great Free Spirit References

A Long History of Great Free Spirit References

Free Spirit has been performing together for many years.  Although our members change over time, the quality of our service remains the same (GREAT!).  Recently I was going through the process of cleaning  up the office and came upon reverse chronological piles of all the different types of reviews and references the band has received over the years.  It makes for a fascinating read and a peek into how the review process has evolved over time.


Remember the lost art of letter writing?  Well we certainly remember.  In fact I found dozens of amazing letters from our clients that I think you’ll enjoy.  Please take a moment to read through a variety of letters from wedding clients, bar/bat mitzvah clients, corporate and gala chairs and committee members.

Follow this link to open a pdf file with LOTS of great letters: Free Spirit Letters


As time went on, people stopped writing letters as often.  But, we still wanted feedback to make sure that we kept our performances as good as they could possibly be.  So, we started sending out survey cards to each of our clients after every job.  I found more than 300 of these surveys!  Each one is great.  So I think you’ll really enjoy seeing how consistent Free Spirit has been over the years delivering top-notch performances.

Follow the link to open a pdf file with over 300 fantastic surveys about Free Spirit: Free Spirit Surveys


Around the same time, or slightly after we began sending surveys, our clients began to adopt email as their primary means of communication.  I didn’t save all of them since it became pretty commonplace after awhile.  However, early on, I did print out the emails and give them to my assistant to store in the file so we could use them as references.  It’s a great read looking at this combination of emails from clients as well as the many event planners who book Free Spirit.

Browse through the many emails sent to Free Spirit with great comments by opening the pdf file here: Free Spirit Emails

Modern Reviews

As the internet continued to grow, many different review sites such as The Knot, WeddingWire, Google, etc. became the primary tools for our clients to share their feelings about the band.  Now there’s no need for me to actively print, scan, file or save reviews.  They live online live all the time for our prospective clients to research.  However, when they pop up, I do try to grab them and provide links on this site for your convenience.  Free Spirit continues to garner exclusively 5 star reviews from many many happy customers.

Please review the many online reviews for Free Spirit posted on this site: Free Spirit Reviews

Thanks for reading!  I certainly hope we get the opportunity to play for you and your family so we can add your thoughts about Free Spirit to our long history of happy clients.


(Band Leader/Bass Player)

Alyssa S. – Married on 11/12/22

Thanks to Free Spirit for such an amazing event! I received numerous comments that Free Spirit was the best wedding band people have ever heard.

Debby G. – Wedding on 10/8/2022

Just a quick note to say how awesome it was to work with Free Spirit. They were great at keeping the party going until the bitter end. The singers, musicians and crew really made the evening a success.